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Dating after Divorce
Trust me, it’s not the same as dating after high school. There are all kinds of considerations now. Share your thoughts.
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Tom · Nov 27 '17
In How long should I wait?
Dating as a Single Parent
Dating as an adult can bring it's own unique challenges, but dating as an adult with younger children is a whole 'nother ballgame. What's your experience with this?
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Tom · Nov 27 '17
In Kids first always, or do my needs matter too?
Dating Etiquette
Who pays? Is holding her chair sexist? What are the rules in the 21st century?
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Tom · Dec 6 '17
In Dunkin Donuts or Dinner?
When's the right time for...... "that"?
First date.... third date.... or not till the ring is on the finger? When's the appropriate time to take the relationship to the next level?
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Tom · Aug 31 '18
In How soon is too soon for intimacy? How long is too long to hold off? What if your expectations are different from your partners?
Padded headboards
That's what they're talking about when they ask about "Safe Sex', right? What's your view on practicing safe sex, and how do you approach it with your new partner?
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Never married? What's held you back?
Finding the right partner to spend your life with isn't easy. Why do you think it's been hard for you to find your partner? What is it you're looking for in a spouse?
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Big, Beautiful Women.... a plus for some guys, not so much for others.... and the same goes for the girls - how do you feel about Big, Beautiful Men? A turn on or a turn off? And be kind in your remarks, or you'll be searching for your soulmate somewhere else.
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Dating after the death of a spouse - will it ever feel right?
When's the right time, or will there ever be the right time? What if the relationship hadn't been all that solid to begin with? Are you just looking to take it slowly, or are you ready for more?
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Tom · Dec 7 '17
In Your thoughts on dating again
Long-distance dating
Does it work for you? If not, why not?
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Singles with physical challenges or special needs
A forum for our members with physical challenges or special needs
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A forum for members with STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Share your special challenges or frustrations in the world of dating.
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Tom · Nov 27 '17
In When and how do I tell my date?
Dating over 40
Over 40 and back in the dating pool? Tell us about it.
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Dating over 50
Over 50 and back in the dating pool? Tell us about it!
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Dating over 60
Over 60 and back in the dating pool? Tell us about it!
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Dating over 70
Over 70 and back in the dating pool? Tell us about it!
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Does size matter?
How big is too big? How small is too small? Over 6'5"? Under 4'5"? (You knew that's what we meant, right?)
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What's the most romantic date / experience you've had? What should he or she do to help keep it alive?
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Your 1st meeting - where do you go?
Okay, you've screened him or her, maybe spoken on the phone a few times, and now you'd like to meet them. What's your preference - coffee or a cruise, dinner or a diner, private or public, and why?
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Who pays?
Times are a' changing, but many traditionalists still prefer the "old ways". What are your thoughts on who pays? After the first date does that change? What about after your a couple?
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How do you say no? How do you handle no?
Finding the right partner requires saying no a lot. How do you say your not interested? How do you handle hearing that?
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