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Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe Online

While online dating and social sites afford many new opportunities to meet other men and women seeking friendships or relationships, they also expose you to potential risks – personal and financial - as any dating or social interaction could. It is incumbent on you to use the utmost of caution at all times and to proactively take any and all steps necessary to protect yourself - personally and financially. It is your responsibility to understand those risks and mitigate them as you deem necessary for your personal safety and protection.

Use of this site and our services, including attendance at any and all events or gatherings and when meeting other members or purported-members privately or in a group setting, deems that you have accepted full responsibility for you own safety and security and will hold harmless HudsonValleySingles.com and/or any of it’s officers, members, representatives or volunteer group organizers, and any affiliated business entity, as well as the principal owners and operators of this website, harmless for any personal or financial harm, expenses, or damages to you as a result of your use of this website and/or its affiliated services or activities.

We offer, though not fully inclusive of all you can do, some suggestions and resources to consider:

1. Do your homework! If you’re meeting someone in person, research public and private registries for anything of potential concern to you. Some resources include:

a. Sex Offender Registries https://www.nsopw.gov/en-US?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 https://www.nsopw.gov/en-US?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 b. Background checks https://www.top10bestbackgroundcheck.com/?utm_source=google&kw=conduct%20background%20check&c=243608841026&t=search&p=&m=p&adpos=1t3&dev=c&devmod=&mobval=0&network=g&campaignid=234670348&adgroupid=16832783068&targetid=kwd-1510544607&interest=&physical=9004841&feedid=&a=3000&ts=&topic=&gclid=CjwKCAjw_47YBRBxEiwAYuKdw4fSdS8vx5GGoM9fF6QKfYgvwDxM2P9jN5D5_xDSO0bnId8XJ7BSIxoCsm8QAvD_BwE 2. Never give out identifying information such as your last name, email address, home address, work location, or phone numbers until you feel comfortable doing so. 3. Consider creating a new e-mail address just for dating purposes, one with no existing links to your identity that you can delete if the situation arises. 4. Avoid using the same user name you’ve used elsewhere, especially on social networks. They could potentially be used to identify and track you. 5. Guard your wallet or purse and keep your financial info. secure, meaning credit or debit cards and their pins or passwords. 6. Never, ever, ever send money to anyone you’ve met online! Scammers are like sharks in the ocean – they’re out there and they’re looking for their next meal. They’ll sweet-talk you and they’ll groom you for as long as it takes, because they want your money. Don’t do it! Someone asking you for money should be a HUGE red flag that they’re either trying to scam you, or they’re simply not the person you’re looking for or want to be associated with. This is a dating site, not a charity site! 7. The same goes for those you’ve met in person. Unfortunately, there are those out there who use dating and social websites to meet vulnerable individuals only to defraud them of their money. Keep your guard up and don’t fall for their scams. This isn’t a charity site to help Joe fly his injured son home, or help Mary who lost her plane ticket but “really wants to meet you”. Don’t fall victim to these blood-suckers, and report them to us so we can protect others from them. 8. Strongly consider meeting potential matches at a Group Event of some sort (a "Meet and Greet") where you can get a better feel for who they are and if you’d be interested in a one on one date. 9. Always meet in public places, and stay there. If you’re pressured to meet in or go to a private or remote location, including your date’s home or apartment, you should leave. Someone pressuring you to be someplace you’re not comfortable with is concerned for their needs, not yours. 10. Tell a friend where you’re going and what time to expect you home. 11. Consider apps like .............. 12. Always have a full charge on your cell phone. 13. Be cautious with “pushy” people. If they’re looking for a long-term relationship, they’ll be patient. 14. Let your date know that your friends know you’re on a date, where you are, who you’re with, and when you’ll be back. 15. Have an escape route. Wherever you are, always be aware of where the exits are in case you need or choose to leave suddenly. 16. Bring protection of some sort – ie. a self-defense spray or personal alarm. 17. If you’re not planning on being intimate, make that clear. If they cross the line, walk away and find someone who is respectful and has self-control. 18. Avoid alcohol until and unless you’re very comfortable with your date, understanding that alcohol affects your judgment and may cause you to make decisions you may regret, or put you in a potentially dangerous situation. 19. Drive yourself to your meeting / date – don’t have them pick you up thereby letting them know where you live – and be sure you’re not followed home. 20. If you have children, you might consider limiting what you tell your date about them (the school they attend, etc) until you’re comfortable doing so. 21. As a single person, be sure your home is a safe environment as well. Solid door and window locks are only a start. Audible alarms are necessary if you're sleeping. If your car keys have a panic button on them, keep that right by your bed at night to activate and possibly startle any intruders or alert your neighbors. Personal protection could include legal weapons, sprays, or even a can of bee spray that shoots long distances and can temporarily blind or distract an intruder.

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You should also consider your own actions and how they could possibly make another individual uncomfortable. Show respect! Watch your language and keep your hands to yourself! Don’t be pushy and ask for private information. Pick public venues to meet at so your date can be more comfortable and relaxed and focus on getting to know you, rather than have their guard up. Be a gentleman or a lady!

As Yogi Berra would have said – “you don’t know someone until you know someone”. (I can hear all the divorced members shaking their heads and saying “oh yeah….”) Irrational behaviors might not be noticeable right away – take your time to get to know someone and in the meantime don’t give out personally identifying information (home address, work location, etc.) until you feel very comfortable doing so.

That said, you’re here to find new friends or a loving partner, just as the thousands of other singles throughout the Hudson Valley are, so get busy – get involved – and enjoy yourself!

If you have a particular concern about a member or otherwise, contact the Admin. here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If those concerns warrant, and only you can make that decision, call your local police department and speak to them about it, as well as contacting us so we can take immediate steps to address your concerns.

If you feel you are in any imminent danger – contact the Police immediately!

Visit our Safety Tips Forum for additional suggestions from our members, and leave your own comments there.  /p>

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